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If you are passionate about snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, trekking, or any similar activity, you would understand the role of gaiters and the protection they offer. Different models of specially designed gaiters for men, women and kids of all ages are available in market today. You have get the best shopping experience with additional products like waist pack with huge capacities that can accommodate up to 5 liters of liquid and solid content. You have various color choices to pick from, to match your gaiters and outfits.

Waterproof Waist Bag

Fanny Pack



If you are adventurous at heart, you must have heard a lot about snowshoeing. But have you ever tried walking or hiking on the freshly fallen snow? If not, get hold of good quality hiking gaiters now and let yourself enjoy the serenity of nature. The right pair of snow gaiters helps you travel across snow-covered ground without struggling or sinking. As compared to the usual boot gaiters, these types of gaiters help you walk over snow with more ease and comfort. Keeping this in mind,  a wide range of leg gaiters & accessories like strap replacements and waist bags , for children, men and women are available in market. Therefore, if you are looking for a waist pack or a fanny pack, you will also get that under the same roof.


If you are planning to buy a pair of running gaiters for snowshoeing or dress for snow hiking , but are not sure about how to choose one, here are some simple tips to follow –