The Classification of Gaiters according to the Purpose they are used for

Posted: May 25, 2015 in Gaiters, Outdoor Equipment
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If you are passionate about snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, trekking, or any similar activity, you would understand the role of gaiters and the protection they offer. Different models of specially designed gaiters for men, women and kids of all ages are available in market today. You have get the best shopping experience with additional products like waist pack with huge capacities that can accommodate up to 5 liters of liquid and solid content. You have various color choices to pick from, to match your gaiters and outfits.

Waterproof Waist Bag

Fanny Pack

Hiking gaiters and boot gaiters made of special quality waterproof material, which would prevent your feet and ankles from getting cold or wet. These gaiters offer extra protection on tough terrains and protect your legs and feet from the impact of the rough trails. These are equipped with metal hooks towards the bottom in order to help fasten your shoelace. Since these leg gaiters are light in weight, you will feel very comfortable and can focus well on your trekking or hiking activities to have utmost fun.

The snow gaiters extreme comfort and boast of excellent durability, along with dual lock feature of strap and Velcro zippers. Since these are offered for men, women, and kids of all ages and sizes, they could be the best choice for having a family snowshoeing activity where everyone chooses to flaunt a similar style or sport his/her unique style. The professional grade underfoot strap offers the extra protection you would want to have in your kids’ gaiters and yours as well.

In addition to the gaiters, the waist bags, which are the best choice for hiking, running, bicycling, and various other sports? These bags have mesh pouches on either side for water bottles and the main compartment of the bags can accommodate up to 5l of content. With the bags tied to your waist and with the most comfortable leg gaiters on your feet, you will experience absolutely no discomfort. Choosing high quality gaiters is the best safety measure for you and your family to have more fun during your expeditions.


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