How to buy best gaiters for hiking season

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Gaiters, Outdoor Equipment

Hiking gaiters, also known as boot gaiters, are one of the most essential for any hiker, as they help one stay dry even when out in the cold. The moment your socks get wet, the boots start churning up cold toes, mushy blisters and squishy feet. However, good quality gaiters can protect your feet from all these, and also save your ankles from brush, rocks and scree. Irrespective of whether you are planning to buy a pair of leg gaiters, waterproof gaiters, running gaiters or snow gaiters, it is important to get the right pair, in order to ensure maximum protection. Here is a guide on how to buy the best gaiters:


  • Check out the durability of the gaiters – If you are going to a place where it snows, make sure to opt for a pair of snow gaiters that’s absolutely durable. Buy something which is made up of heavy-duty fabric, (especially the ankles) that can endure the harsh weather conditions. If you can afford, go for those which have a larger area of tough material that extends further up the leg.

  • Check the undercarriage – If you are going to spend more time wearing the gaiters, especially on rocky surface, buy a pair with heavyweight strap that won’t shred easily. Check out if the holes punched in the strap are large enough to thread in the buckle.  Lighter gaiters use tie-on straps which are not very durable and often can’t be adjusted smoothly.
  • Save your calves – If your calves sweat a lot, you must opt for a pair of gaiters, the upper parts of which are made of breathable material. Whether you are buying running gaiters or leg gaiters, choosing the ones with breathable material will not only protect your calves, but also take proper care of your damp lower legs. Usually, the reinforced area around the ankle and boot are waterproof, but not made of breathable material.

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